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Modern Love [or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies] 

Editors: Katerina Gregos, Theophilos Tramboulis

Texts: Katerina Gregos, Theophilos Tramboulis and the artists

ISBN: 978-618-5507-10-7

Number of pages: 132

Language: English 

Binding: Soft cover

Dimensions: 23.5 x 16.5 cm

Publication year: 2023

Publications: ΕΜΣΤ


English edition accompanying the international group exhibition Modern Love [or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies], organized and presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art from December 16th, 2022, to May 31st, 2023.

As the artistic director and curator, Katerina Gregos, indicates in the preface of the catalogue, "the exhibition grapples with the challenges facing our most intimate relationships today and explores the possibilities, pathologies and problems afflicting love and matters of the heart during these times, while aiming to prompt a reconsideration of how we might imagine a way out of the "cold intimacies" and illusions engendered by the digital revolution."  

Informative texts and colour reproductions of the works exhibited are included.

Statecraft and Beyond 

Editor: Katerina Gregos

Texts: Katerina Gregos, Anny Malama, Ioli Tzanetaki, Theophilos Tramboulis and the artists

ISBN: 978-618-5507-06-0

Number of pages: 202

Language: English 

Binding: Soft cover

Dimensions: 18 x 13 cm

Publication year: 2022

Publications: ΕΜΣΤ 

English edition accompanying the exhibition Statecraft (and Beyond), organized and presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, from June 17th to October 30th, 2022.

As the artistic director and curator, Katerina Gregos, indicates in the preface of the catalogue, "Statecraft is an international group exhibition that explores the underlying mechanisms at work in the engineering of the nation-state, as we know it today, and the challenges it faces in today’s globalised, networked world."

Informative texts and colour reproductions of the works exhibited are included.


Αμαζόνιος | Dimitris Tsoumplekas


Texts: Katerina Gregos, Nikos Lamnidis, Amanda Michalopoulou, Dimitris Tsoumplekas

ISBN: 978-618-5507-04-6

Number of pages: 178

Language: Greek, English

Binding: Soft cover

Dimensions: 22 x 16.5 cm

Publication year: 2022

Publications: ΕΜΣΤ


Bilingual edition accompanying Dimitris Tsoumplekas' project Amazonios - We Are Sailing with a Corpse in the Cargo, that took place in the former house and studio of artists Nikos Kessanlis and Chryssa Romanos in Polydroso, a neighbourhood in the northern suburbs of Athens, as part of the exhibition program ΕΜΣΤ Extra Muros, from May 5th to July 7th, 2022.

Amazonios was a trip down memory lane and an introduction to some of the unseen views of the city; it was the dialogue between an important contemporary artist and his prominent ancestors, a multi-dimensional, holistic artistic project eight years in the making, which combined the decaying remnants of Kessanlis’, the surrounding overgrown landscape, the artist’s own photographs and videos, and site-specific interventions.

Informative texts, historical documents and colour reproductions of the works exhibited are included.

Digging up the Future 

Monograph Maarten Vanden Eynde, MMXX

Published by Mercatorfonds/Yale University Press

Editor: Katerina Gregos

Texts by: Katerina Gregos, Sven Beckert, Oulimata Gueye, Nav Haq, Jan Zalasiewicz
Graphic design: Raf Vancampenhoudt, Lennart Van den Bossche

Languages: English, French, Dutch
224 pages with 200+ color illustrations



Bringing together works from the past 20 years, this book introduces readers to multidisciplinary Belgian artist Maarten Vanden Eynde Belgian artist Maarten Vanden Eynde (b. 1977) has established a research-based practice, which spans diverse social, economic, environmental, and anthropological perspectives. His work covers some of the most important subjects of our time from extractivism, ecology, and colonialism to the after-effects of colonialism. The book is built up as an alternative encyclopedia of the history of human kind, investigating our influence on planet Earth. It proposes an industrial and post-industrial archaeology of the future, mapping out a speculative "future-fiction" of our evolutionary traces, and offers a survey of Vanden Eynde's work from the past two decades.

Family Matters: Conversations about Old Spirits, the Question of Belonging, and Complementary  

Monograph Viron Erol Vert

Published by Distanz Verlag

Editors: Kristina Kramer, Didem Yazici

Texts by: Ingo Arend, Stephane Bauer, Katerina Gregos, Eva Scharrer, Angelika Stepken, Didem Yazici, Misal Adnan Yildiz

Graphic design: Krzysztof Pyda

Language: English

224 pages with 139 colour illustrations

ISBN 978–3–95476–325–2


Family and cultural conditioning play a crucial role in the work of the German Turkish artist Viron Erol Vert. His expansive installations and sculptures explore religious systems, cultural identities, and linguistic experiences. Everyday objects and textiles are recurring media in Vert's works, which also examines sexuality, gender, and heritage. The publication Family Matters is the first to document a cross section of Vert's work. It communicates his unfaltering perspective of cultural hegemony that results from identity politics. 

Marianna Christofides: Days In Between (monograph)

Published by Hatje Cantz

Editors: Brenda Hollweg, Marianna Christofides

Texts by Bernd Bräunlich, Érik Bullot, Marianna Christofides, Katerina Gregos, Brenda Hollweg, Vanessa Joan Müller, Elena Parpa, Andrei Siclodi, John Sundholm

Graphic design by

Language: English

272 pages with 284 illustrations


ISBN 978-3-7757-4882-7


Days In Between is Marianna Christofides’ decade-long project of multi-layered encounters with the Balkans, one of Europe’s most historically and geopolitically contested "fracture zones". Initially realized as a 16mm essay film, the project has continued to evolve in various modes: as multi-channel analogue film projection, site-specific audio installation, serigraphy prints, light sculpture, geologic-photographic assemblage, text and 16mm film study. This book draws on Christofides’ recent solo exhibition at MNAC, Bucharest and gives, for the first time, a profound insight into her diverse aesthetic work and unique artistic practice. It assembles nine critical voices from the arts and academic world. Thinking with new materialism, Deleuzian film theory, and philosophical studies on time and space, the contributors highlight the multiple enfolded ways in which the artist’s work opens up to conversations around landscape and space in postcolonial contexts, essayistic film practice and forms of critical-emancipatory knowledge production in the arts.

Associate Institutions: Berlin Senate Office for Culture and Europe (DE); Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn (DE); Künstlerhaus Büchsen-hausen, Innsbruck (AT); MNAC Bucharest (RO); ENSA Bourges (FR); Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme (DE)

Becoming Human: A Compendium

Edited by Katerina Gregos with Zane Ozola


Published by Mousse (forthcoming)

Commissioned and produced by the Riga Biennial Foundation

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